Business Intelligence re-thought

Data-fuelled performance

Do you rule your data landscape?

Our solutions demystify digital, and provide simple, practical ways to help you take charge of your data and build strategic intelligence


applied intelligence

We offer a range of practical and strategic services to help you get the most from information and data, transforming it into meaningful knowledge and intelligence, fuelling the ideas to drive your business forward.

We build our services around your needs and goals.

We know that good ideas and good technology aren’t enough. It’s about building a plan, creating a coalition and implementing it. We call this Applied Intelligence.

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  • Tune and enhance your business through digital and big data innovation
  • Align digital and data initiatives with business strategies for maximum return
  • Create new opportunities with technology innovation through proof of concept, technology validation and pilot initiatives.
  • Maintain and demonstrate intellectual leadership
  • Data models, data management, data analysis, and data visualisation
  • Digital transformation programmes

Put your feet up, let animus make your data work for you

Radically change the value of data in your business, quickly and easily.


connected intelligence

The Animus Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud integration Business Intelligence Platform.

No downloads, no software to install, just sign-in through your browser.

The product is built on a MEAN Stack, and integrates out-of-the-box third party applications, in-house developed tools, custom modules and cloud integrations into one simple, secure and scalable intelligence environment.

What sets Animus apart from other Intelligence platforms is that it is a holistic, integrated, connected and scalable environment.

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  • Secure cloud SaaS platform
  • Intuitive, accessible and visually engaging
  • Versatile and scalable intelligence space
  • Positions you as an intelligence-led business
  • Integrates collaboration, data visualisation, analytics and project management tools
  • Business focused
  • Leverage value from knowledge resources
  • Improve business performance
  • White label solution you can make your own

See more, differently

Dive below the surface, and explore the patterns of data and information that help you understand and navigate the road to more intelligent business.

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Animus is a spirited and vivacious company, driven by its conviction that Applied Intelligence, the marriage of innovation and execution, is transformative.

Our goal is to help organisations leverage knowledge in new and creative ways, ways that energise and shape the ideas that fuel better performance.

By combining good data, great people and culture, and the right technologies to bring it together, all things are possible.

Animus has re-thought business intelligence. We believe the technology landscape has arrived to democratise the exploitation of data, empowering everyone - businesses, institutions and individuals – to create new and positive outcomes.

By putting users and outcomes centre stage, we believe that the constraints imposed by the top-down, system-centric enterprise approach that stymies so much innovation can be consigned to the past.

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